Who can Qualify?
Who can Qualify?

Start-Up´s and existing businesses with solid opportunities…


Investments through Private Equity limited partnership Fundi…

Capital Facilitation
Capital Facilitation

New & existing businesses can qualify for investment cap…

Business Growth
Business Growth

Capitalization can help growing your business to higher leve…

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What we serve

We faithfully serve as a strategic associate of a global funding facilitation company and their pool of private investors, by limiting their time spent on reviewing projects which may be randomly submitted. The funding facilitation company is offering Non-Recourse-Investments.


We only accept projects of companies who initially can qualify both as a viable project, and as an experienced sponsor. Our financial partner strategically serves our clients via specific facilitation services with known and vetted investors and does not blast privileged information across the internet hoping to find someone interested. Upon their agreement to move towards an investment settlement, we have achieved a successful result.

What we are

We are not brokering/dealing or negotiating any transaction, only introducing, facilitating and consulting.


Inquiries must be sent via E-Mail containing the name, address, contact and a short company- and/or project description. Anonymous inquiries will not be answered.



Thank you very much for your visit.

eFundhub.com LLC
Capital Facilitating & Consulting
Uwe Rusch


Contact National & International

USA Phone: +1 (239) 214-8290, Fax: +1 (239) 214-0278
Österreich Phone: +43 (720) 517-239
Deutschland Phone: +49 (6334) 792-9992
Schweiz Phone: +41 (41511) 5089
Perú Phone: +51 1-641-9358
Costa Rica Phone: +506-4000-1602

E-Mail: info(at)efundhub.com


Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to function as an extremely private and highly confidential, consulting firm, most specifically engaged in new and existing, business capital funding facilitation;

  • to guide and counsel, and coordinate documentation and communication, while extensively protecting our investment resources, towards the development of a mutually beneficial funding relationship between those clients and investors, whereby they may best negotiate a successful funding investment for all parties.


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